Cultivate MN's Podcast

Well-being in Child Care and Community Care with Jamie Bonczyk

November 15, 2021
Cultivate MN's Podcast
Well-being in Child Care and Community Care with Jamie Bonczyk
Show Notes

Cultivate MN is a non-profit advocacy group dedicated to promoting awareness within early childhood programs, family services organizations, and child welfare programs. We believe sharing stories promotes awareness and cultivates connection.

Episode 14 Podcast Guest: Jamie Bonczyk an awarded early childhood education leader.

Jamie Bonczyk (she/her) is an awarded early childhood education leader known for creating social-impact networks, change initiatives, and partnerships that create sustainable health and education outcomes for children, families, and educators. Jamie has held the titles of Executive Director, Director of Health and Nutrition, college instructor, and preschool teacher. She is a systems-level thinker adept at translating vision and strategy into operational plans. 

To close the stress cycle, Jamie has regular pilates and meditation practices. For community care, she uses her voice to call attention to issues that are within her circle of influence and concern. At the time of this recording Jamie was working as a consultant supporting early childhood education and care professional development and advocacy organizations. She has recently taken a position with the Greater Twin Cities United leading the 80X3 initiative. 80x3 refers to the research that shows that 80 percent of brain growth happens by a child's third birthday. This program is housed within the Community Impact department and aims to build stronger capacities for childcare partners to provide trauma sensitive care.

Course Title: Well-being: A Call for Self and Community Care

KCF VI: Professionalism, 2 hours
Course Description:  Learn the difference between stress and stressors. Explore your own well-being through a brief guided meditation and reflecting on your own self-care. Discover elements of community care. Child Care professionals are best prepared to take care of others when they have first taken care of themselves.

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Podcast edited by: Jordyn Erickson  |  Meraki Marketing